Phaethon and the Creation of the Sahara Desert

Egypt's Twelfth Dynasty

The Errors of "Forbidden Archaeology"

The Great Secret of Ancient History

Egyptology's Fake Dating System

Mars, God of the Exodus

Egypt's 'Pessimistic' Texts refer to the Interregnum between the Third and Fourth Dynasties

Akhnaton's Mysterious Wife and Co-regent Neferneferuaten

Menes and Abraham

Heliopolis, the Phoenix Bird and the Great Pyramid

The Foundations of Egyptian Chronology

The Cosmic Origins of Some of the Earth's Gold

The Cosmogonic Meaning of the Osiris/Tammuz Myth

Velikovsky and the Saturn Theory

The Kingdom of Tartessos

Seafaring Abilities of Ancient Atlantic Islanders

Bull-fighting and the Atlantean Bull-Cult

Human Beings during the Pleistocene Epoch

The Island of the Blessed: A Folk-Memory of Atlantis

Pleistocene Creatures in Myth and Legend

The Strange Truth about the Sphinx

Duration of the Hellenistic Epoch

The "Palace" at Knossos was a Necropolis and a Theatre for Human Sacrifice

Extinctions and Genetic Bottlenecks

Solomon's Jerusalem

Egypt's non-existent "Middle Kingdom"

The Pleistocene and the Pliocene

The Mammoths and their Last Meal

Timescales and Darwinism

Lot and the Crystal Pillar

Mass Extinctions and Timescales

The Deluge and the End of the Pleistocene

The Revised Chronology

The Babylonian Exile and the Second Temple in Jerusalem

How Old if the Human Race?

What Happened to Akhnaton?


"Forgotten Empires" and Real Civilizations of the Middle East

The Location of Atlantis

The Rainbow in Myth

Velikovsky and the 'Bonds' of Saturn

Chronologies, King-Lists and Confusion

Were the Clovis Folk of Ancient America of European Origin?

Stone-Carving Technology in Early Egypt

Who Were the Amalekites?

The Mysterious Land of Punt

Where is the Tomb of Pharaoh Cheops?

Was the Story of Atlantis an Authentic Egyptian Tradition?

The 'Flood' of Ur was a World-wide Event, but it was not the Deluge

The Missing Empire of the Medes

Who were the Mysterious 'Sea Peoples'?

Nebuchadrezzar and Artaxarxes III were one and the same Person